Keep Asthma at Bay With Cleaned Duct

Are you an asthmatic? Do you feel your breath heavy even being at home?  We know it is no way easy for you to inhale in an environment which is not dust free. But if you are confused about the problem you are undergoing, we have the answer for you. The breathing problem you are facing inside your room is because the duct in your home is not clean enough to deliver you fresh air from the vent. Dust and dirt can occupy a big space in your duct if you do not get them cleaned at a proper interval of time. Many microorganisms and unwanted parasites can develop inside your duct which can cause serious breathing issues for you. So here we are to help you. Ducted Heating Cleaning provide duct cleaning services, you can just give us a call on 1800 345 513 and get your duct cleaning done. Together we can Keep Asthma at bay with the cleaned duct.

Duct Cleaning

Our Services

 The Ducted Heating Cleaning works as a 24×7 service for duct cleaning. Our team members reach you at your place on the scheduled time and complete our work quickly and effectively. Our helpline 1800 345 513 is active for twenty-four hours. You can give us a call anytime in a day and we will reach out there to help you. 

Why Choose Us?

  • Our work is reliable. We will not leave even a single corner of you duct dirty or polluted. You can feel free with us in having any kind of discussions related to the work or can clear any of your queries. 
  • Efficiency is our motto. The Ducted Heating Cleaning is efficient in their job. We are a top-rated duct cleaner.
  • We understand our customers. We provide a completely free space for our customers to speak up and let us know about their problem. As an asthmatic, we understand the urgency of cleaning up your duct and we try to reach you as soon as possible.
  • We are quick in action. Our work is fast and trustable. The Ducted Heating Cleaning is a trusted name of our field and we work without consuming much time
  • We have properly trained and skilled them. The Ducted Heating Cleaning hire people who are well trained and have good knowledge of their work.
  • We use the best equipment for cleaning your duct, so you need not worry about the upcoming damage to your duct. We will fix it safely.
  • Ducted Heating Cleaning is trusted by many satisfied customers. We worked for many asthmatic patients at emergency calls.

Air Ducted Heating Cleaning Service

Be Careful 

If you are an asthmatic patient, you need to be very careful about ducts and vents at your home. They can create an environment of real suffocation for you. If your duct absorbs dust from enrollment and it settles inside it, the developed microorganisms can affect your health at a serious level. Remember Ducted Heating Cleaning – Duct Cleaning Melbourne at any time. We are here to help you. Just stay conscious about the cleanliness of the duct and vents you are using. With your active presence of mind, we can Keep Asthma at bay with the cleaned duct.

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Type of Duct Issues Which Are Often Ignored

There may be cases when your workspace or living space may not be as cool as you would like to have it. You may also notice that your indoor air might not be fresh and maybe even musty. These are some of the signs that can refer that your HVAC system has some of the problems. There are multiple problems that can be faced by your duct system. You may think of the problems for the while but often ignore them as they do not create many problems in starting. They can be serious enough that you need to take the help of the duct repair experts. Let’s have a view on the problems that are ignored by a person.

Duct Cleaning Service

Ignored Duct Issues Types

Poor Airflow

When your air ducts are clogged or dirty, your space would not be cool as it used to be earlier. In case, if your air ducts have been leaking then the conditioned air will not make its way to your house and this problem might not be detected by you. You may get the stuffy air as the result as enough amount of air has not been circulated. You may also result in ignoring the problems which can cause some serious issues of ducts.

Air Quality Problems

It is not the odors which can cause problems but the contaminated air and allergens might also foul your breathing space. The smog, as well as other types of outdoor pollution such as pet dander, dust, dangerous VOCs and the pollen from the things such as cleaning fluids, paints, printer ink, pesticides, and varnish, have the possibility to get circulate in your house from the registers. These are some of the things that would be ignored by you while having the ducts in your house. The location’s duct repair expert would help you to identify the major problems and get rid of them. 


Your HVAC unit might also be smelly and the unwanted smells may not be coming from the HVAC units. Instead, the ductwork may also be the source of all the undesirable odors in your house. There are also cases when the moisture gets build up in the ducts after the while moisture become as the breeding ground for mildew, mold and other microorganisms. The insect and rodent vermin deposit might also be present in your duct works. All of these duct-dwellers can result in bringing some of the nasty smells. Air Duct Cleaning in Melbourne can help you the best to get rid of smell. People usually ignore the unwanted smell but you should immediately call the duct repair experts for the help. 

Noisy HVAC System

The noise complaints are known to be among the most commonly ignored problems of HVAC unit. It is not usual for the ductwork for developing the leaks or cracks over many years. The air can also escape through the opening and it can produce a whistling sound. The rectangular sheet metal ducts might make the popping sound when the problem of air pressure is developed.

Air Duct Cleaning

How We Can Help You?

We know that the well-working of the ductwork can decide the hygiene of your house and keep you healthy. This is the reason the experts working with Ducted Heating Cleaning are always available to provide duct repair in Melbourne with all the best results and satisfactory procedure. Hence, choosing us would definitely be the decision you would always feel proud about. Our experts can help you to know The Benefits of Duct Repair and Duct cleaning services. We are available 24*7 hours to give the service.

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Signs You Need to Replace Ducts Shortly

The air ducts in the duct system are the reason behind the flow of warm and cool air in the rooms. Therefore, these ducts get damaged as they get old with the time. Everything in our it is important to take care of the ducts and replace them when needed. Sometimes it becomes impossible to judge that when there is a need for the duct replacement. There are several signs which are mentioned below and help you to know about the duct replacement. In case if you are looking for the duct replacement of the air ducts then can contact Ducted Heating Melbourne which offer you with the experts that help in the effective and quick duct replacement services at your place. Let us know when there is a need for the duct replacement in detail.


Signs Which Shows you Need Air Duct Replacement as soon Possible

Some of the reasons why there is a need for Duct Cleaning Melbourne services are as follows:

  • Rattling Noise

    Sometimes when you find the loud noises coming out of the duct system. Then the duct replacement is needed immediately. The reason for this may be the loosening and damage of the air ducts.

  • Leakage in the Air Ducts –

    When you find any kinds of cracks and holes in the ducts. Then immedaitely you need to call the duct replacement experts. As these cause leakage in the ducts which can lead to the collapse of the entire duct system.

  • High Electricity Bills –

    In case if you find the rise in your energy bills, then this might be due to the accumulation of dirt and dust particles in the old air ducts; which are being used for a long time. So the immediate duct replacement of ducts will eventually lower down the electricity bills.

  • Improper Air Flow –

    The air ducts sometimes do not get fitted properly, along with the other system. Therefore, this leads to the unproper airflow and working of the air conditioner is effected. So duct replacement with the proper fitting helps in the proper air flow in the air ducts.

  • To Avoid the Unpleasant Odors –

    If you come across the unpleasant odors,  in your rooms. Then it might be due to the accumulation of the molds and other contaminants; which cause a foul smell in the rooms.


Why There is a Need to Opt for Professional Services?

The duct replacement at a certain period of time is very important. The several reasons mentioned above gives the idea of how it is important to immediately call the duct replacement professional. Although there are several companies that offer you the same services. But for the best you can contact Ducted Heating Melbourne as we offer you Best Duct Cleaning Melbourne  based on the following aspects:

  • Offer 24hrs, facility around the clock.
  • Emergency services anytime in your busy schedule
  • Use of the  best techniques for the replacement of the  ducts
  • Fast and effective replacement
  • Quick and  timely services

Thinking to Clean your Air Ducts by Yourself? Think Again

Cleaning air ducts is not an easy task. We need proper equipment and chemicals in the right proportions for a thorough clean up. There are something that can be done by ourselves while, others require proper professional help. We are dealing with Dryer Vent Cleaning which is an essential component of our lives. It is always better to ask for professional advice and/or help to ensure thorough cleaning.

Dryer Vent Cleaning
Dryer Vent Cleaning

Do it Yourself or Ask for Help?

If you are capable of inspection and cleaning the mold, dust debris and dirt in every nook and corner of the air ducts, you are welcome to clean it. Otherwise, it is better to call us at 1800 345 513 for assistance. We would be glad to be of service. Some things to remember before you call us for assistance:

  • How long has it been since you cleaned the air ducts? Periodic maintenance and cleaning of ducts will result in the heating and cooling system to be efficient and last longer
  • Look out for any unhealthy signs in the family, any sickness related to dust or mold infestation should be prioritized. Taking precautions is always better when it comes to the well being of our family.
  • Any pungent odor in the vicinity of the heating or cooling equipment and along the air ducts should be checked. This helps us Ducted Heating Cleaning to inspect the place faster and progress with the air ventilation duct cleaning swiftly.
  • Are the air ducts insulated? If yes, they can be cleaned or replaced based on their current condition. Insulation material used will lose it capability over time and you should be aware about it shelf life or ask our assistance in such cases to determine the best course of action.
  • Many sections of the heating and cooling system is not clearly visible. We can be assistance in such cases to verify the efficiency of the equipment along with the duct cleaning process.
Ducted Heating Cleaning Melbourne
Ducted Heating Cleaning Melbourne

What Do We Do?

Before we at Ducted Heating Cleaning start with the cleaning process, we will conduct a thorough inspection. This helps identify the current condition of the heating or cooling equipment along with the duct maintenance.

  • Estimate pricing will be provided after the inspection of the equipment and ducts are done. Please be aware of low estimation cost scams since an average cleaning costs varies in between $400 to $1000.
  • We check for permanent water damage, level of mold infestation (if any), dust emission or accumulation level for accurate assessment on your air ventilation duct cleaning.
  • Skilled professionals with proper equipment will cleanse the air ducts to the pre-mentioned industry standard level
Same Day Duct Cleaning Melbourne
Same Day Duct Cleaning Melbourne

Go for Professional Duct Cleaning Services

We at Ducted Heating Cleaning deal with all types of air system related queries. You are welcome to contact us at 1800 345 513 and schedule an inspection of your house. We wish to deliver as promised, a fresher and cleaner air supply indoor without any odor or bacterial disturbances.

Indoor Air Pollution And Steps To Control It

While it’s obvious to recognise when you need to dust or clean, it’s troublesome to recognise when the atmosphere in your home lacks sweeping. In particular, the indoor air you inhale can be perilous to your health without some significant clues. Indoor air can be still more contaminated than the air outside. Don’t allow the air in your house harm your family’s fitness, particularly if there is anyone in your blood relatives has asthma or other lung diseases. Allow us to tell you whence to preserve them. We will provide you with Professional Duct Cleaning Services.

In the current various years, an increasing body of systematic testimony has designated that the atmosphere inside houses and different structures can be further severely defiled than the outside atmosphere in despite the massive and teeming industrialized towns. Recently study designates that people expend roughly 90 per cent of their time inside. Therefore, for several people, the hazards to well-being may be eminent due to exposure to air contamination indoors than outdoors.

Source Restriction

Normally, the common efficient way to enhance inside air quality is to remove specific origins of pollution or to decrease their ejections. Several causes, similar those that include asbestos, can be sealed or ceased; others, including gas ovens, can stay fixed to reduce the number of ejections. In several instances, source restriction is a more cost-efficient method of preserving indoor air quality than growing air-conditioning because extending air-conditioning can develop energy prices. Moreover, you can go for Dryer Duct Cleaning Services to prevent the breathing and health problems caused by damaged air ducts. Particular sources of indoor air contamination in your house are posted following in this section.

Air-Conditioning Amendments

A different way of reducing the aggregation of inside air pollutants in your house is to develop the number of outside air growing indoors. Maximum house warming and cooling systems, such as high-pressure Air Heating Systems, do not automatically produce pure air inside the home. Opening shutters and gates, working window or garret fans, when the climate grants, or operating a window air conditioner with the ventilator control open grows the outside ventilation flow. Social bathroom or pantry fans that deplete outside expel contaminants immediately from the room where the fan is placed and further expand the outside air ventilation flow.

Air Cleaners

There are various kinds and sizes of air cleaners on the state of trade, placing in order from comparatively reasonable table-top designs to advanced and high whole-house systems. Few air cleaners remain extremely efficient at jot departure, Air cleaners are commonly not meant to eliminate vaporous pollutants. The effectiveness of an air cleaner reliant on whence properly it manages pollutants from inside air (formulated as a division capability price) moreover how enough air it carries within the sterilisation or filtering portion (signified in cubic feet each minute). A highly effective collector among a less air-flow motion will not be sufficient, neither will a cleaner with a great air-flow motion merely a few effective collectors. The long-term enforcement of an air cleaner reliant on managing it as per to the company’s regulations.

Hire Our Professionals

We at Ducted Heating Cleaning Melbourne is one of the finest Duct Cleaning companies in all across Melbourne. We provide our service at a reasonable Duct Cleaning Cost. We apply the safest appliances in the procedure. We have been delivering the best services from years in Melbourne. For more info reach us online or give us a prompt call on the no 1800 345 513 today.

The Benefits of a Thorough Air Duct Cleaning

The home and business owners should have a good awareness about cleaning the air ducts to get quality air for breathing in their surroundings. Every building consists of air ducts that function to cool or warm the air flow inside the building.

Air Duct Cleaning Melbourne
Air Duct Cleaning Melbourne

The ducts work by pulling the air through filters and regulators from the room and either cool or heat it. Finally, it will transfer the cool or heat air back to the room or workspace where it is installed.

The ducts will work on the desired temperature fixed by the home or business owners.  People happily take this service for granted and fail to maintain it properly, as results the hygiene and integrity of the building air is decreased and the risks of breathing the harmful air are increased.

So, all you need to do is, just take a one step once in a year to clean your air ducts to breath fresh and clean air.

Air Duct Cleaning Services
Air Duct Cleaning Services

What Happens If The Air Ducts Are Not Cleaned?

If the air ducts are not cleaned for years, it will build up with the dirt, dust, debris, grime and other particles from the air. These harmful particles tend to decrease the air quality in your building if they are allowed to sit on the duct for a long time.

Accumulation of these particles will decrease the performance of the system by clogging the air filters, as results the air transmitted into your building is contaminated. This is what exactly happens when you fail to clean up your air ducts. Therefore, annual Air Duct Cleaning is very important and it will boost up the air quality flowing into your building and reduces the heating and cooling cost.

Professional Air Duct Cleaning
Professional Air Duct Cleaning

If you feel moist in your building, that is the sign of accumulation of mold on the air ducts. When the mold accumulated in the ducts and breathed by the occupants of the property, it will result in worsening the health. Brilliant people never let this happen to them and their family or for their fellow employees.

This is the right time to call the HVAC Cleaning experts to clean the mold and other harmful particles from the air ducts. This will ensure the breathing of good quality air in your property. Whether it is dust, dirt, grime, mold or allergens, the duct cleaning experts will completely eliminate these things and help you in breathing fresh and clean air in your building.

When you hand over this issue to the Duct Cleaning professionals, they not only clean the ducts but look for the indications of tears or cracks on the system. The air ducts of your building are perfectly designed to perform a role of the firm barricade that will not allow the cool or hot air to leak. The presence of any minor leak on the system will eventually increase the heating or cooling bills, which is again a great loss. Don’t wait for this happening to you, call the HVAC Cleaning Professionals to clean your ducts to ensure hygiene and cleanliness in your building that will save you and your family.

Air Duct Cleaning Melbourne
Air Duct Cleaning Melbourne

Professional Assistance

Mark’s duct cleaning Melbourne can prevent you and your family’s exposure to germs, allergens and diseases by taking care of your ducts, Our Professional Ducts Cleaners utilize heave vacuum cleaners and eco friendly products to deliver best of the best duct cleaning services. Hire our services today and get your ducts cleaned back to new within 24 hours. Why fear when Marks Duct Cleaning is here.

Duct Cleaning Melbourne

How to remove Mould from your House by Duct Cleaning

You know that Mould in air ducts most commonly occurs when there is moisture inside the duct work. As cool air flows through the vents on hot days, the moisture in the air can condense inside the air vent. Most homeowners keep very clean homes and cannot believe what is commonly found in HVAC systems. Even new homes have air ducts which are filled with construction debris. It is recommended that an HVAC system is cleaned every three to five years. Dust, dirt, allergens, and even mold could be hiding in your duct work. So Regular cleaning will not only reduce the amount of debris in the air, it will also prolong the life of your HVAC system and potentially make it more efficient.

Duct Cleaning Melbourne
Duct Cleaning Melbourne

At that time you need Professional Duct Cleaning Services in Melbourne. Professional duct cleaning services use specialized blower and brushes to clean out the supply, intake, and return ducts throughout your home. Duct cleaning should also involve a thorough cleaning of the air handler, registers, grilles, fans, motors, housings, and coils of the HVAC system. At Ducted Heating Cleaning we use necessary equipment to thoroughly clean duct work. When thoroughly cleaned, dust, mold, fungus, dead animals or rodents, and pet dander are removed allowing for better air quality. Once cleaned, sanitizing and deodorizing will help reduce future microbial growth and eradicate any remaining unpleasant odors.

Professional Duct Cleaning Melbourne
Professional Duct Cleaning Melbourne

When removing mold from vents, you will need to have some specific tools on hand. A face mask with a HEPA filter is a necessity to avoid the spores entering your nose and mouth. You will also need some bleach, water, and tools to reach the insides of the vents. We are here to  able to maintain, repair, clean or replace various heating and cooling system components, including the supply and return air ducts and registers, grilles and diffusers, heat exchangers heating and cooling coils, condensate drain pans, plenums, fan motor and fan housing, and the air handling unit housing.

Air Duct Cleaning
Air Duct Cleaning

At our company we are bonded, insured, and licensed to provide air duct cleaning and other related services.  We want to be your confident and trustworthy company providing services with 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Seek Professional Help

Ducted Heating Cleaning is your true destination where you can get the best solutions for your duct cleaning, and sanitising needs. Our professional duct cleaners are highly experienced and quote you best and affordable prices after duct inspection. So, when in need of professional duct cleaning, look no further and appoint our professionals. Besides cleaning, we also offer duct repair services. Call now for same day duct inspection services.

Take a Breath of Fresh Air by Air Duct Cleaning

As you know air duct cleaning is an important service in your home to survive for long term. The ducts are circulatory system of your home and you depend on this system to deliver clean air that is free of contaminants and air poisons like dust, dander and chemicals. When you enhance your indoor air quality with duct cleaning, you breathe in cleaner air and also live a healthy life. This is because you remove dirt, mildew besides dust mites, mould, spores, and animal dander. It helps to remove that smelly scent from the air. Many residential and commercial facilities might require occasional air duct cleaning services to make sure that ducts are clear of bacteria and other types of particles that can cause potential harm to ventilation systems and health issues for occupants. So you need to provide professional cleaning from Ducted Heating Cleaning. Our staff is equipped with professional apparatus to rejuvenate your ducts so you can feel secure and warm. Our outstanding technicians provide professional Duct Cleaning Melbourne services make your ducting system work fluidly.

Air Duct Cleaning
Air Duct Cleaning
Duct Cleaning Services
Duct Cleaning Services

If your ducts are dirty by tiny particles of pollen,  dust, dander, and other contaminants into your home’s air. After a time these contaminants foment the growth of fungus, bacteria, and mould. So at that time you need proper Duct cleaning services from professionals. Duct cleaning not only reduces the dust allergies but also prolongs the life of your system by keeping it clean. Your air conditioners and furnaces will work more effectively if they are regularly cleaned. Our trained experts using special type of filtration vacuum equipment which can safely remove these harmful contaminant’s allowing you and your family to breathe clean, fresh air. Our process does not use any chemicals and does not raise any dust in your home.

Duct Cleaning Melbourne
Duct Cleaning Melbourne

In a forced air system, not only does air circulate throughout the system but dust, debris and allergens are also caught in this cycle. Construction dust starts accumulating from the day the house or building is constructed. Other contaminates continue to build on the walls of the ducts. It is amazing to see the amount of debris that collects in an average duct system over time. At that time our business is to have your house air ducts cleaned by us with the right equipment.

Professional Duct Cleaning Services

Expert Duct Cleaning Melbourne
Expert Duct Cleaning Melbourne

Now that you know duct cleaning is an important task, you should also know that it is difficult to carry out the task on your own. You need professionals for it. And we at Ducted Heating Cleaning is one of the most renowned duct cleaning service providers. Call now to appoint our duct inspection services on the same day of booking that too at affordable prices. Some of the major services we offer for Professional Duct Cleaning includes duct mould removal, duct sanitising, duct deodorising and more.

Cleaner Air- Means a Healthier Home

ducted-heating-cleaning-duct-cleaning-melbourneAs we all know that we spend so much time at home so it needs to be a safe environment to eat and raise our families. Healthy home always way to address concerns about the link between health issues and housing and it focuses on creating a home environment without pests, allergens, and injury hazards that can lead to health problems. So regular maintenance is needed to keep those hazards away and keep residents healthy.

Regular cleaning of your air ducts will remove harmful particles like dust, dust mites and other airborne pollutants from your home. Those who suffering from allergies or asthma are probably suffered from air duct problems. So the quality of the air in your home provides greater importance in your home. The air quality in our homes depends partly on the air quality outside. The outside air quality is not really under your control but you can take steps to reduce its impact on you and your family.

air-duct-cleaningDirty ducts can circulate odours like mould and irritating dust throughout the home. Our Ducted Heating Cleaning provides Duct Cleaning Services throughout Melbourne and its nearby suburbs. We use a Portable Ventilation and Duct Cleaning System to examine ductwork and make a clean sweep, removing years of dust and grime.

Why Air Duct Cleaning Is Important?

 It is important to have your ducts cleaned because they can become infested by rodents, vermin, and insects and these pests can leave waste behind, which then blows out of the vents and into the home. So it is mandatory for regular cleaning of your ducts to provide a healthier home environment.

2-300x200Duct cleanings can improve HVAC system efficiency by as much 50%. The fact that cleaning can improve airflow significantly means that your HVAC system does not have to work as hard to keep your home comfortably warm or cool, thus lowering your utility costs. Consider also the fact that duct cleaning will involve an inspection of your ducts. This means that leaks may be discovered and repaired. Leaking ducts are another issue that can greatly diminish your HVAC system’s efficiency.

At last our team is equipped to provide you with all the professional duct cleaning services you will need to ensure a safe and healthy environment for you and your family. So give us a call at 1800 345 513 for more information about our air duct cleaning services.

Duct Cleaning Service

At the End of the Second Paragraph of Why Air Duct Cleaning Is Important?

When you have the Duct Cleaning Services, you will be able to feel the difference in the quality of air. There are many more benefits of cleaning air which you can get if you keep your duct all cleaned. You can have these services at your doorstep when you hire professionals.

Our ducted heating cleaning process provides comfort in your Melbourne home:

Floor and heating duct cleaning at your residence or workplace not only improves the effectiveness of the duct heating unit, but it also reduces the potential health risks that come from dust mites and other germs in the air. To see the difference yourself, turn to the Melbourne experts in cleaning ducted heating vents at Ducted Heating Cleaning.

Duct Cleaning Melbourne
Duct Cleaning Melbourne

Duct cleaning in Melbourne keeping you relaxed:

Professional Duct Cleaning Melbourne
Professional Duct Cleaning Melbourne

We pride ourselves on offering same day reasonably priced duct cleaning service that delivers industry leading results, cleaning and sanitizing return air vents free of charge which deals with the area where most of the dust lies. Take advantage of our unique autumn specials and contact us today. Call 1800 345 513 for a free no obligation quote or to make a booking for our duct cleaning services or any other floor tile cleaning or cheap carpet steam cleaning services.

Air Duct Cleaning
Air Duct Cleaning

There are many reasons why residents and business owners choose Ducted Heating Cleaning for their tile, carpet, furniture & duct cleaning, including:

  • FREE Duct Sanitization
  • A Certified Service that is available 24/7
  • A friendly smile and the highest level of customer satisfaction
  • A price that won’t be beaten, only $20 per duct.

    Our ducted heating cleaning process provides comfort in your Melbourne home:

Call Ducted Heating Cleaning.

At Ducted Heating Cooling, we know the importance of cleaned duct, thus we provide our clients with quality duct cleaning services. Thus, without wasting any further time, reach out to us and have the quality cleaning by the best duct cleaner experts. We’re just a call away for best duct cleaning services.